Earl Marshawn WASHINGTON (1962- )


“Eric Gill 1926”

Wood engraving, 2006

Signed. titled, dated and numbered 41/60

270 x 134 mm.

E.M. Washington is an African American wood engraver/entrepreneur who forged the work of famous engravers such as Gill, Wadsworth, Gibbings, Leighton, Escher, Rockwell Kent, etc. and claimed, variously, the prints were originals by famous artists or the work of his Great Grandfather who had been an engraver in New York City from 1862 to 1952. This fraudulent print is a copy of Eric Gill’s famous “EVE” but without the serpent (P380). Very handsomely done, nonetheless! It is believed Washington sold as many as 60,000 signed wood engravings, many on eBay from 1998 onwards, at prices ranging from $20 to $350.

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