George BUDAY (1907-1990)

“Timon of Athens”

A suite of 10 large wood engravings, 1940

Signed, titled and numbered 44/50

each 230 x 135 mm.


A remarkable sequence of ten portrait-wood-engravings depicting the fall from wealth of Timon of Athens, a rich and good nobleman, who squanders his fortune on his friends only to find, when he becomes bankrupt, his friends will have nothing to do with him. Embittered, he leaves Athens forever. Engraved for “Timon of Athens” (The Plays of William Shakespeare in 37 volumes) published by the Limited Editions Club in 1940. George Buday was a Transylvanian who emigrated to London in 1937 following a stay in Rome. This clever conception of a series of wood engravings capturing Timon’s tragedy reflected on his face and in his eyes is brilliantly executed and quite unique. Pictured on pages 126-127 in “Scene Through Wood a century of modern wood engraving” curated by Anne Desmet RA for the Ashmolean Museum to mark the 100th anniversary of the Society of Wood Engravers. Desmet comments, “As far as I know this was the first time a story was illustrated not by depicting episodes but…by…portraits of the hero.”The Limited Editions Club volume is included with the engravings.

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