Leon UNDERWOOD (1890-1975)

“The Ark”

Wood engraving, 1926


180 x 160 mm.


Sculptor, printmaker, painter, writer and influential teacher, Leon Underwood taught Henry Moore, Eileen Agar Gertrude Hermes, Blair Hughes-Stanton and Roland Vivian Pitchforth at his Brook Green School in London. He introduced wood engraving in his teaching early on. He also engraved on wood himself and cut “The Ark” for the endpiece of his book “Animalia: Or Fibs about Beasts” (pictured on page 29 of Albert Garrett’s “History of British Wood Engraving”). In his book, “Wood Engraving & The Woodcut c1890-1990”, James Hamilton names Leon Underwood “as one of the greatest unsung influences on the course of modern art in Britain”.

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